YAMAHA started robotics development more than 30 years ago when we introduced robotics into our motorcycle production line. Since then, YAMAHA’s industrial robots have been supporting various kinds of production facilities in many industries including assembling consumer electric appliances, transporting car-mounted parts and producing large liquid crystal panels. The long history of accumulating achievements through survival in market places and improvement after improvement shows our high reliability


Close loop steeping motor, compact & economical single-axis robots, TRANSERVO series, having excellent characteristics of both the stepping motor and servo motor.

FLIP-X Series

An electric actuator that is composed of an AC servomotor, a base, ball screw, belt, and linear guide. This electric actuator is a general purpose robot that can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as assembly and inspection.
The electric actuator utilizes highly rigid ball screw and guide, and uses resolver with excellent environment resistance for the position detector. So, it features long service life.
This greatly contributes to reduction of the customer maintenance control costs.

Phaser Series 

A linear motor actuator that is developed to respond to the long-stroke, high-speed, and high-precision requirements as the manufacture equipment is made larger and the speed of the transfer equipment inside the factory is made faster.
As various tip tools are attached, this actuator can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as assembly including screw tightening of electric and electronic components or mechanical components, insertion, take-out, transfer, adhesive application, and soldering.

YRG Series

An electric gripper achieving the highly accurate gripping force, position, and speed control that are difficult to achieve by conventional air units. The gripper is controlled only with one 4-axis controller RCX240. As the data exchange with the host unit, such as PLC is not needed, the setup or startup can be performed easily

YP-X Series

A pick & place robot that allows high-speed palletizing of small components.
As the overall width is narrow and the interference with surroundings is small by the moving arm structure, this ensures the space saving of the production line.

Liner Conveyor Modules

The Linear Conveyor Modules is a next generation transport system that replaces free flow conveyors and belt conveyors. Best suitable for high-mix low-volume production as the linear conveyor enables you to flexibly alter the configuration and motion of your production line


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