חברת XECRO גרמניה מייצרת גששים אינדוקטיביים, קיבוליים, אנלוגיים, פרסה ותאים פוטואלקטריים. החברה מייצרת גששים לטמפרטורה גבוהה, לחץ גבוה וטווחי חישה מוגדלים.

XECRO is an independent company with more than 20 years of experience in the sensor industry.As one is one of the leading companies in inductive and capacitive technology. XECRO serves customers in Europe, North and Latin America, Asia, Africa and Middle East.
Due to XECRO's innovations and high standard technology, XECRO is able to produce the thinnest and shortest sensors, quad sensing distances, high pressure, high temperature resistant and ultra-metal face proximity switches.
The organization is regulated in accordance with the strict directives of ISO 9001. The production is made by XECRO in Germany and in collaboration with selected strategic production facilities inside the EU

Inductive Proximity
Capacitive Proximity
Touch Switches & Indicators
Area Sensors
LED Indicators


חברת SENSOPART הינה חברה גרמנית המתמקדת בפיתוח וייצור מוצרי אלקטרוניקה תעשייתית,
בין מגוון מוצרי החברה מצלמות חכמות (VISION SENSORS), תאים פוטואלקטריים, גששי לייזר, סיבים אופטיים, מדי טווח לייזר ועוד..


SensoPart concentrates on the development, production and marketing of optoelectronic sensors and image-processing vision sensors for factory automation. We also offer inductive, capacitive and ultrasonic sensors. Our products are used in numerous applications and sectors from automotive and machine construction, through the electronics and solar industries, to the food and pharmaceutical industries

F 55 - high performance sensors from the 50 mm compact class F 25 - miniature sensor family with over 100 versions F 10 - subminiature sensors in laser and LED versions

Proximity switch (Energetic, Background Suppression, ForeGround)

Retro-reflective light barrier

Through-beam sensor

Distance Sensor

Color Contrast UV Sensors

Fork Sensors & Optical Sensors

Ultrasonic Sensor

Smart Plug



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