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The field of 3D scanning and measurement is growing rapidly, spurred by innovative technologies and market demand. LMI is a pioneer and leader in the field, with 35+ years of experience.


Gocator combines 3D scanning, measurement and control in a single device, with no external PCs or controllers required. This efficient design paired with high-performance functionality makes Gocator easy to integrate into existing inspection systems — minimizing system cost and maximizing product quality and throughput.

All Gocators are factory pre-calibrated so technicians can simply connect a computer to the sensor, open a web browser and configure sensor functions such as exposure, triggering logic, dimensional measurement tools and communication method.

Once setup is complete, simply disconnect the computer, and the Gocator runs standalone delivering high-speed, micron-level measurements in real-time for a wide variety of critical inspection applications.

Single Point Displacement Sensors

Measure 3D thickness, height, and surface roughness at up to 32,000 Hz with Gigabit Ethernet data delivery with these accurate single point laser measurement devices


Laser Line Profile Sensors

Rapidly create cross-sectional profiles for measuring features of an object’s surface. And by moving an object under the laser line, you can create many profiles that can be combined into a full 3D shape for volumetric analysis.


Structured-Light Snapshot Sensors

The industry’s first all-in-one smart snapshot sensor simplifies assembly feature inspection with powerful 3D visualization, built-in measurement tools, and real-time control decision capabilities so you can focus on quality results



Camera + Software = Vision!

A powerful smart camera in compact tightly sealed sensor housings with uniform dovetail mounting forms the basis of our VISOR® vision sensor and Eyesight vision systems. Among other features, it has integrated signal processing, LED Illumination (white, red, infrared, UV), data interfaces and digital I/Os, integrated optics or C-mount, as well as user-friendly configuration software. And for particularly complex cases we offer the Eyesight, a flexible vision system with which you can also implement your most sophisticated automation requirements.

VISOR® Allround

VISOR® Allround

VISOR® Object Sensor

VISOR® Object Sensor

VISOR® Color

VISOR® Color

VISOR® Solar Sensor

VISOR® Solar Sensor

Eyesight Vision-System

Eyesight Vision-System

VISOR® Code Reader

VISOR® Code Reader



Product range offers a variety of effective automation solutions for a host of different applications and sectors.


applications detecting objects

Detecting objects

applications measurement


applikations Ddtecting colours

Detecting colours and contrasts

applications identification


applications positioning




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